Regional Executive Enterprise Development,  better known as R.E.E.D. International Incorporated is a Missouri based corporation whose primary goal is to research, develop, and engineer new innovative technology that can simplify today's consumers' complex lifestyles.  The staff, team members, associate networks, and investors under the umberella corporation work as one unit to identify future needs and challenges and  to introduce the innovations to today's global industries.  The following companies are listed under the umbrella corporations' infrastructure and are known as S.U.N. Utility Network, S.U.N. Energy and Power, American C.U.R.E. and Imanuel's Sun Times Media These companies represent our main network. R.E.E.D. International Incorporated has a directive which is to expand its industries throughout the United States and global corridors in order to create new training and job opportunities, community development and a stronger economic tax base to stabilize our targeted regions. We welcome those who have innovative ideas, technologies, and products to join our global effort in bettering todays world  for our future generations.

R.E.E.D. International Inc. is constantly doing research and development in new technologies that create self sustaining energy for today's family and tommorrows industry.

R.E.E.D. International Inc. upgrades and engineers pre-existing solar technology that can enhance today's consumers energy needs.

R.E.E.D. International Incorporated's family is always working to improve and meet today's global consumers' demands with the guarantee that when they purchase one of our products they will have the piece of mind of a U.S. backed brand.


R.E.E.D. International Incorporated, along with it's umbrella network of companies, associates, government backed programs and private investors are currently putting together an innovative green energy and community development national program to help communities whose populations are less than 5000 "go green".  This will help boost these local economies and help revitalize and invigorate areas that may need it.  More to come! 

Adopt a City or Town Green Program.